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Lyrics are up!

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    Wong Chung Bang

    The Noise Records site has the lyrics to all the songs now, though no mention of the storyline as yet.

    The words to “H. M. Powered Man” impressed me… seems to me to be a message that you don’t need to follow metal like a religion, you don’t need any kind of ‘tough’ image, as this style of metal is just straightforwardly great music – something I agree with totally. =)



    Well, I will add the lyrics to this site, soon! In the booklett of the CD there is no storyline… sorry…



    I absolutely admire the message that the band is trying to make with this album. Lyrcially VERY insighful. Here’s what I interpreted things as. This is just my personal interpretation and might not be the intentions of the band. Oh, and I haven’t heard all songs – i read the lyrics. ๐Ÿ˜€ Here goes….

    HM. Powered Man: Wong said it. A dark side to metal is the misconception that exists (no matter how we hate it). It’s the idea that you’ll have to be mean, get hell bent for leather (uh oh… lol) – and it’s mostly people outside metal who don’t realize all the strange themes is to ENJOY and not to conform with. Excellent work!

    Time Will Tell: Definately what’s been in my mind for sometime – over dependance materialistic things – not just computers or technology – so much that we’re forgetting nature all together – forgetting creation. Doesn’t have to be extreme, just to a point if all computers fail, we’ll have to able be enjoy the fact that life is still great for all it’s glory and silent miracles (that we mostly take for granted). I’ll fail this thought, i’ve become too attached with computers – but humanity as a whole – is moving away from the spiritual dimension. Doesn’t mean computers are bad – they’re good. But basically materialistic things – things with only sentiments at face-value. I feel an excellent way to find the way back is the HM.Powered way – by doing what one wants, lesser conformity – and basically enjoying life. When was the last time you saw an breath taking view created by nature and exclaimed to yourself how life was so beautiful!! Time will tell…

    Break The Curse: Hurting progress by sticking to old ideals won’t work!! Doing what you truly want to and not what you “should” is the way to suceed. Time to make life meaningful, time to break the curse!

    Riding Free: “Holy War” – what sense is that? No lord would ever want his people to fight and kill – definately not. Idea of – looking from abov – why should there even be problems? If only life could be a lake of subconscious clouds (i know that technically not possible lol) – a walk through the astral dimension. Why hate when there’s no need? Great job here as well!!

    Starchaser: Similar ideas to my own song, “Alter our Fate”. The power to make your life great is at YOUR hands – you have the power to alter your fate. It’s all your decisions – everything that exists, is your creation. If you really want to ride up to the winds and feel the bliss, you can! Awesome ideas!

    Machine World: More of a story but I feel like this is a metaphor for all things – that all things either have a life, or not. They’re ALL (including humans, trees, lampposts, ATi Radeon, weapons) just 2 things – energy and information – working in coordination with our intentions, and their own. Like Piet says, so why are humans special, then?

    OUTSTANDING JOB! ๐Ÿ˜€ This is amazing work, great ideas – great words! This is Iron Savior reminding the world we all rule!

    THANK YOU!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


    Iron Saviour

    Lyrics are very strong part of this album, just like on any album of Iron Savior.
    โ€œSometimes I dream of a place to forgetโ€
    โ€œTo ride on the wings like an Eagle in the skyโ€
    This (and many more) words are tearing up my soul & heart โ€“ strong & proud lyrics with the hope of better future in a world of Freedom. For me, all lyrics are very important.

    And I likes to sing sometimes: "I am a Heavy Metal Powered Man – that’s my way to be" ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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