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Harald… a little problem…

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    Harald, dear… in the last days I e-mailed my buddies about my new blog and how to post on it, but the mails I sent you got back to me straight away… I e-mailed you at the address you have on this site and then tried again with the one on your own homepage, but always with the same result… 😥
    Don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but I thought it may be helpful to let you know… 🙂




    Dear Roxy,

    thanks for posting this mistake. Normally I didn’t have any other persons reporting about problems sending e-mails to me!

    These should work:


    Thanks for giving me the link of your block!




    Now you have no excuse, you gotta visit it! 😆
    Kidding apart, in case you want to post messages on my blog, just click on *comment* at the bottom of the post you’ve chosen. Write your comment in the box under the *lascia il tuo commento/leave your comment* inscription. There’s no need to be a blogspot user; if you aren’t, just choose the *Altro/other* option and write the name you want to appear on your comment in the *Nome/Name* blank space. Rewrite that strange word, that stupid nonsense you find at the bottom (it’s just a way to avoid spam) and click on *Accedi e pubblica* and the comment is done.

    I have added a link to the Iron Savior page in the music related links section (right side of the page)

    In case I’d have problems in contacting you in the fture, I’d let you know! 😉


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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