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Upcoming Release

Iron Savior signs with AFM Records and Jan S. Eckert is back!

Iron Savior signs with AFM Records and Jan S. Eckert is back!

The first most important news comes from AFM Records: “One of the scene´s most popular power metal bands returns – with full force: IRON SAVIOR have signed with AFM Records! The band is right now putting finishing touches on their new album, which will be released in the near future. Fur... Read On

News directly from Piet (posted on the forum)

News directly from Piet (posted on the forum)

Hey everybody! I know, it’s a shame how little attention we/me paid to the forum… Well, it’s never too late for a good deed, I guess… So, new album now is sheduled to hit stores on Nov. 18th 2011 through AFM. Title will be revealed pretty soon. All artwork will be done by Fel... Read On

Upcoming Release: Iron Savior entered the studio in August 2011

After a very long break it finally happened: Iron Savior entered the studio and have started recording the new Iron Savior release. He has been to “Pearl Drums” in The Netherlands at the end of July to check out some new equipment. At the end of August Thomas Nack recorded the drum track... Read On

Release of “Megatropolis” & Iron Savior Official Myspace:

The release of Megatropolis is coming closer, click on the banner above to get more infos and the first reviews of the new album! See Activities for more infos of the Megatropolis Release Party on June, 1st 2007! There are more cool news for you: Iron Savior started an Official MySpace page where yo... Read On

Tracklist of new release:

Shortly before leaving to the Savage Circus tour (together with Circle II Circle) mastermind Piet Sielck revealed the track listing of the new Iron Savior album: 1. Running Riot 2. The Omega Man 3. Flesh 4. Megatropolis 5. Cybernatic Queen 6. Cyber Hero 7. A Tale From Down Below 8. Still I Believe 9... Read On

Iron Savior have to cancel “X-Mas Metal-Fest” show:

Hi Folks! Unfortunatly we have some bad news for you. We are forced to cancel our show in Bremen/Aladin on the 23rd of December. Until today the local promoter did not pay any of his contractual fees. The deadline for those payments was today, Wednesday the 20th, 12 am. Please understand, that we mu... Read On

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