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  • Masters Of Rock audience:
    Thank you so much !!!!
    You gave us a perfect time on stage. We hope that we pleased all of you well! Well, almost one hour of signing session makes us think, that we weren’t too bad […]

  • Hueso Producciones presents upcoming dates of Iron Savior in Spain in February 2018:

    22. February 2018


    23. February 2018


    24. February 2018


    25. February […]

  • Even though Thomas has been using his time-out wisely, he also realized that he won’t return to the Iron Savior drums. Of course Jan, Piesel and me accept his decision even though we are awfully sorry about the […]

  • Hey folks,
    now it’s official: the savior is about to land in Tokyo for the first time ever! We are proud to announce Iron Savior live in Tokyo, July the 12th 2016!

    Looking forward to this very very […]

  • Good new folks!
    Today I have delivered the final audio mix down of our first live DVD ever!!! This is really exciting since we’ve never done this before 🙂 . Again our friend Felipe Machado Franco did a killer […]

    • Wow, what a great artwork again by Felipe! Well done!

    • haha that’s ok, they took the title Brave New World 3 years after you released it! Final Frontier totally fits and you said it in songs anyway. I wish we could open for you guys on a Sci-Fi Metal tour you are like my favorite band m/

  • Big News!!
    According to AFM all Megatropolis CDs are sold out. Therefore the album will be re-released… with a new mix and a lot of re-recordings! Being unhappy with the album for a long time, I am absolutely […]

  • After our first great trip to Moscow we for sure had to repeat it and could do so at the end of this year!

    Here are some impressions from our trip to Moscow, I recently posted on our “Official Facebook […]

  • Obviously the Gods Of Metal have been with us in canceling our gig at Rockova Festival in Ostrava. After having asked several times for the contractual advance payment and to book the flights, only getting one lame excuse after an other (or simply no answer at all), we decided to cancel this gig. Now the fest is called off completely, because obviously nobody got ever paid at all… I’m glad that we got out of this game of poker for selling enough tickets to pay the bands. We are very sorry for all our fans and hope to make it finally to Czech at some other time under a better star. Thank you anyways for your understanding and support!
    m/ Piet & the Boys

    • Thanks for the statement of you and the band! Good to have infos about it as so far we only showed the show as cancelled in tour dates! 😉

  • Hey Folks,
    after the fun video of Burning Heart it’s time for some more material for you: today AFM launched their second “teaser attack” on YouTube featuring a nice little blend of some selected songs from the […]

  • Yeah! All lyrics done and only one more vocal to record. Mixing makes descend progress. Friday it’s time for the bakings, some solo voices of Jan and all his second harmonies. Looking so damned forward to finish […]

  • Done!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just delivered the finals to AFM! Stay tuned for some upcoming samples.
    You can’t believe, how relieved I am. I’m totally happy with the sound, production and – most important – with the […]

  • Hey Folks,
    heavy mixing is happening at good old powerhouse putting all the work of the past months together into single stereo files. Backing vocals and choirs still need to be recorded and assembled in, but it […]

  • Hey Folks,
    like on “The Landing” we are planing to bring 2 old IS songs into up-to-date shape and re-record them. Any all-time-faves that you would like to hear in 2013/14 shape?

    Suggestions welcome!


  • Hey Folks,

    like on “The Landing” we are planing to bring 2 old IS songs into up-to-date shape and re-record them. Any all-time-faves that you would like to hear in 2013/14 shape?

    Suggestions welcome! Post […]

  • Hey Folks,
    some news from the IS camp: final approach for finishing songwriting. Working like a maniac to have all songs ready to record by the end of September. I will take 2 week break in Andalusia where I hope […]

  • Back from Hammerfest we’d like to thank all fans and friends for the great mood at the concert. Though the travel has been pure hell to us we are glad that we were able to perform in the end. Took us an hour to […]

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  • Getting ready for our show this Saturday together with our friends from Paragon. Tomorrow at 10:30 am it’s rehearsal time. Looking absolutely forward to our first live appearance in Hamburg for years. So if you […]

  • Hi everybody!
    OK… here’s the bad news: Thomas thumb is still not in shape for rehersals, so we cannot play the three “Mega-Metal-Party” shows in September! The good news is, all shows are moved and confirmed […]

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