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Thanks to the Hammerfest Fans!

Thanks to the Hammerfest Fans!

Back from Hammerfest we’d like to thank all fans and friends for the great mood at the concert. Though the travel has been pure hell to us we are glad that we were able to perform in the end. Took us an hour to get the rental car in Manchester. Leaving Manchester we got stuck on the m56 with a flat tire. After fixing this we got stuck again in a heavy traffic jam without movement for over an hour. We finally arrived at Hammerfest at 6:45 pm, rushed directly to the stage, set up our stuff and started to play instantly… Though due to the stress upfront some mistakes happened, we played a fair show and got received by the audience very warm. Thank again to all of you and hope to come back to GB soon with a longer set under better conditions!!!

The Saviors \m/

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