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Tracklist of new release:

Shortly before leaving to the Savage Circus tour (together with Circle II Circle) mastermind Piet Sielck revealed the track listing of the new Iron Savior album:

1. Running Riot
2. The Omega Man
3. Flesh
4. Megatropolis
5. Cybernatic Queen
6. Cyber Hero
7. A Tale From Down Below
8. Still I Believe
9. Farewell And Good Bye

The Limited Edition Digipack will also include the bonus track “Hammerdown”.

The follow-up to ‘Battering Ram’ will be out on June 4th! The release party of “Megatropolis” will be June 1st at the Ballroom Hamburg, Germany.

Be sure to have a look at the reports and the videos of the recording session of the new album!

DOCKYARD1 & Harald.

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