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Year: 2007

Release of “Megatropolis” & Iron Savior Official Myspace:

The release of Megatropolis is coming closer, click on the banner above to get more infos and the first reviews of the new album! See Activities for more infos of the Megatropolis Release Party on June, 1st 2007! There are more cool news for you: Iron Savior started an Official MySpace page where yo... Read On

Tracklist of new release:

Shortly before leaving to the Savage Circus tour (together with Circle II Circle) mastermind Piet Sielck revealed the track listing of the new Iron Savior album: 1. Running Riot 2. The Omega Man 3. Flesh 4. Megatropolis 5. Cybernatic Queen 6. Cyber Hero 7. A Tale From Down Below 8. Still I Believe 9... Read On

Studioreport 2007 – Part Two (Bass)

Studioreport 2007 – Part Two (Bass)

February, 19th – 23rd: During the 8th week of this year it was time for Yenz to record his bass lines for the new Iron Savior album. I was very happy that Yenz invited me to his session. He’s my primary person for recieving news about the band and he supports me a lot with the informatio... Read On

Drums for “Megatropolis” tracked

Heyho! The follow-up to “Battering Ram” is shaping up: The drums for “Megatropolis” are tracked. Drummer Thomas Nack finished his duties in the studio with Piet Sielck early this week. Watch out for more infos and an exclusive studio report on this page! DOCKYARD1 & Haral... Read On

Studioreport 2007 – Part One (Drums)

Studioreport 2007 – Part One (Drums)

February, 05th – 08th 2007: This is the beginning of the long-awaited Iron Savior successor to “Battering Ram”. After a long period of songwriting, the band finally entered the studio in early February 2007 to commence the recordings of the basics for the new material. Rough cue tr... Read On