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Year: 2003

Iron Savior have to cancel show at BG Festival & News from Piet:

Hi everybody! Friday the 13th… oh yes! Today we had to cancel our show at the Blind Guardian Festival. Piesel is sick! For a couple of days he had an infection in his right ear wich already has been treated by a doctor. Yesterday night the left ear also started to show the same symptoms…... Read On

News from the Powerhouse Studio & Skiing vacation:

Hi everybody! Twisted Tower Dire now is finished. The album turned out to be really good, so check it out. I will be on a 2 week skiing vacation, so keep your fingers crossed, that the snow in the Italian Alpes will be still good and that me and my family will see a lot of sunshine. After my return ... Read On

Lot of work in Powerhouse Studio:

Lots of work to do for poor me at the Powerhouse. After finishing up the latest WIZARD album (LMP-Music) I was invited by the Americans of Twisted Tower Dire. So far all recordings went very well so I am looking forward to finish the mixdown next week. Both bands did improve quite a bit compared to ... Read On