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Year: 1999

Front Page Modified:

The front page had been spiced up a bit. Read On

Old Guestbook Entries Are Finished:

The guestbook archive section is done. Now I bet that that makes you excited doesn’t it? Have fun! And as always if you see any broken links please E-mail¬†webmaster@iron-savior.com. Read On

Old Guestbook Entries Are Archived:

Started adding old guestbook entries to guestbook archive section. Added update page (obviously!). Read On

Homepage Transformation:

As you can hopefully see, the Iron Savior homepage is undergoing a much needed transformation. Just as the band has been busy so has the poor web master of this site. Piet and I made the decision that we should update little by little and not shock people with an abrupt change. So with this in mind ... Read On