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Year: 1997

Tour Date Changes:

There have been some slight changes in the tour dates so please look at them again here. Read On

Iron Savior Mailing List:

So the Iron Savior mailing list is now working. To subscribe to it check out the mailing list page. Read On

Piet Working For Blind Guardian:

Okay someone was begging for more news, so here is some. Piet is down in Krefeld, Germany working with Andre Olbrich from Blind Guardian. They are working on the guitar parts for the new BG CD that will be out in April. I have heard some of the stuff and it kicks ass! Read On

Iron Savior Guestbook and Sound Samples @ Noise Records:

Piet is hosting the Iron Savior guestbook at Noise Records. He will be answering questions there every couple of days until November 28th. Check it out here. Also if you don’t think that there are enough sound samples here Noise also has some at their sound samples page. Read On

European Tour Planned in 1998 & Opening Band Contest:

Iron Savior is making plans to tour Europe in April 1998. For the word about the tour straight from Piet check out the tour page. Also if you live in Germany, have your own band and would like to open for Iron Savior when they come to your town check out the cool opening band contest sponsored by Ro... Read On

Changes To The Look Of The Page:

Major changes made in the look of the page. Feel free to send me constructive comments. Read On

5 More Sound Samples:

Added five more sound samples. Enjoy! Read On

Sound Samples:

I wasn’t successful in getting the sound samples to work in mpeg3 format under Windows so I have switched them to RealAudio format. The quality isn’t as good but the files are smaller and work under all systems I tried. Have fun. Read On

First Live Date:

The first live date has been added to the tour page. Piet tells me to watch for the full tour sometime in April 1998. Read On

Tourdates 1998:

The dates for the 1998 European tour are up! Check them out here. Read On

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