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The Landing (Metalgods TV)

Formed in 1997 through former Helloween and Gamma Ray frontman Kai Hansen, Iron Savior release arguably their best album since their debut self titled album and after a 4 year break since Megatropolus was unleashed, this masterpiece celebrates what we all love about Power Metal in a glorious 11 track onslaught. The album could be mistaken in some part as a concept album without actually meaning to be one in the first place but to be honest it’s not a large leap of the imagination if you take that view.

The 1:04 minutes opening DECENDING starts you off with instrumental guitar riffs that set an epic mood going into the first full track THE SAVIOR which packs a punch and looking at the album cover you immediately would think this track is written round creating that image and tell the story of the journey of man and machine who is the ultimate being that could not possibly be stopped and quickly following from that with fast power metal ferocity… STARLIGHT, which offers a complex edgy number look out for the typical guitar mid solo and machine gun drums. MARCH OF DOOM continues the story of the album which labels mankind’s mistakes and how we must face up to our failures and somehow try and rectify them and shows off Piet Sielck’s vocal talents HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES is a call to arms balls out metal anthem with clever bass line and fine vocal delivery. MOMENT IN TIME cues in with a pounding bass solo gripping guitar build ups and talks of doom coming your way, saying goodbye and giving yourself for the greater good’s fight against evil. HALL OF HEROES is a story set in an age of our forefathers defending the land and earning your place amongst the Heroes of our time featuring a fist to chest pounding chorus and a well written heroic lyrical mix. R.U.READY is very much like HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES in such it’s a very “Metal and proud” anthem listen out for very clever band shout outs after the 1st chorus issuing you with the command are you READY TO ROCK! Cool solo 2/3 into the track. Battering ram drum / bass onslaught starts off the fast paced FASTER THAN ALL Horse gunslinger on his own, leading a one man quest for justice. The track builds up where R.U.READY left off from mid album HALL OF HEROS and is defiantly a dark horse, after the first half of the album being a tight as it was, nearing end of album track that will keep interest for the final two tracks. BEFORE THE PAIN hones to a ballardy ethic if like the final battle is nearing its conclusion and the dust is beginning to settle. Well thought of clearly to put it so near the end of the album and it gives this record a more concept feeling at this point. NO GUTS NO GLORY rounds off what is a very strong effort by the off spring of Gamma rays founding father who without Hansen, have moved and claimed a piece of the “Power Metal” top table for themselves.

Note: EXELLENT (4 / 5), Pidge Atkins,

Link: http://www.metalgodstv.com/Iron%20Saviour_cd_review.html

Review By Pidge Atkins

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