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Rise Of The Hero (Lords Of Metal EZine)

Rise Of The Hero (Lords Of Metal EZine)

Nima: After the disappointing albums Battering Ram and Megatropolis German power metal machine Iron Savior delivered the incredibly strong The Landing in late 2011. The album went back to the sound and approach of the first four records and for me the band was back in one strike, and back on the top of the genre.

A little more than two years later the band around guitarist/vocalist/producer Piet Sielck strikes again with Rise Of The Hero, which was released earlier this week. And what can I say? This is Iron Savior as we know and love it. The line of the previous record is drawn further on this album and it goes even further back to the early sound and approach. Already after the into the album bursts into a top-shelf pure, and typical German heavy/speed metal with Last Hero. The band immediately grabs you by the throat and hardly lets go in the following 55 minutes. Rise Of The Hero has turned out highly up-tempo in general and the band sounds more intense and more energetic than ever before. Of course the songs traditionally contain the necessary variety in order to feel you fully focused. In Iron Warrior for example, we also get a pounding head-bang anthem, and Dragon King shows a more dragging and epic character.

The biggest surprise of the record the cover version of Mando Diaos Dance With Somebody, which has gotten a true metal makeover and definitely sounds interesting. Almost at the end of the record we get a beautiful semi-ballad in The Demon, which also sounds more progressive. This is the only real moment of rest of the record. After that the pace is thrown higher again and the album comes to a strong end with the sturdy, pounding power rocker Fistraiser. The songs come into their own completely thanks to the fantastic production of, naturally, Sielck himself, and all put together make Rise Of The Hero one of the strongest Iron Savior releases to date, and one absolute highlight. With this album, and new releases from, among others, StormWarrior and Metal Inquisitor the year has started quite tastefully for me and fans of genuine, German, power/speed metal. Fans of the genre and bands like Gamma Ray, StormWarrior, Blind Guardian etc. can purchase this record without a second thought.

Score: 90 / 100

Link: http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/en/reviews/view/id/26606

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