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News from Piet

“The Savior” Video-Clip of Recording-Session

“The Savior” Video-Clip of Recording-Session

Hey everybody, check out our new video file on youtube of THE SAVIOR giving you some insight of the recording session. Watch the file here: Enjoy and spread the word! All the best, Piet Read On

News directly from Piet (posted on the forum)

News directly from Piet (posted on the forum)

Hey everybody! I know, it’s a shame how little attention we/me paid to the forum… Well, it’s never too late for a good deed, I guess… So, new album now is sheduled to hit stores on Nov. 18th 2011 through AFM. Title will be revealed pretty soon. All artwork will be done by Fel... Read On

Piet’s “All inclusive and totally free trip”:

Hi Folks! Just got back from my “all inclusive and totaly free” trip (as NOISE calls it..) around Europe and Germany. Even though it has been a really hard trip with lots and lots of talking, getting up early, hanging out in hotels, planes, trains, busses and taxis it also has made me fe... Read On

Piet Working For Blind Guardian:

Okay someone was begging for more news, so here is some. Piet is down in Krefeld, Germany working with Andre Olbrich from Blind Guardian. They are working on the guitar parts for the new BG CD that will be out in April. I have heard some of the stuff and it kicks ass! Read On

A Little Welcome Message from Piet Sielck

Welcome to the official Iron Savior Homepage of Jason Breitweg, the Webmaster! First of all I would like to say that Jason did a killer job in designing and maintaining this page. Those of you who clicked in earlier will most probably agree. The guestbook and discussion forum are super cool ideas. S... Read On

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