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Posted on 25. May 2017
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Posted on 20. May 2016
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Posted on 19. May 2016

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Comment on Upcoming Release "Titancraft" Hello Erik, thanks for your interest and post! Of course all different versions will…
Comment on Upcoming Release "Titancraft" Hello Maria, I can do that! Thanks for your interest! I will then have to get the infos from AFM…
Comment on LIVE AT THE FINAL FRONTIER Wow, what a great artwork again by Felipe! Well done!
Comment on IRON SAVIOR to release 'Megatropolis 2.0' album in April! Hello KnightStryke, both songs will of course be on "Megatropolis 2.0". Tracklist: 01. The Omega Man, 02. Megatropolis,…
Comment on Rockova Festival cancelled Thanks for the statement of you and the band! Good to have infos about it as so far we only…
Comment on Iron Savior confirmed for Hammerfest (UK) I made some changes to the location as the festival takes place @ "Hafan Y Môr Holiday Park" in Pwllheli,…
Comment on Rehearsal & Gig with Paragon in Hamburg Ticket available right here: http://www.knusthamburg.de/tickets See you there! Harald.
Comment on Webshop online! Missing countries have now been checked and added! So it should work out in between! Sorry for the trouble again!