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News directly from Piet (posted on the forum)

News directly from Piet (posted on the forum)

Hey everybody!

I know, it’s a shame how little attention we/me paid to the forum… Well, it’s never too late for a good deed, I guess…

So, new album now is sheduled to hit stores on Nov. 18th 2011 through AFM. Title will be revealed pretty soon. All artwork will be done by Felipe Machado Franco, who did a KILLER job on this one. Best IS artwork EVER so far.

There also has been a change in the line up. Yenz left the band because he was just getting too busy with all his other commitments. We are very happy about the years with Yenz and share a lot of great memories with them. Yenz, all the best for all your furure encounters! But who could replace Yenz…? Well, how about Jan-S. Eckert! Jipp, Jan is back on board the mothership again taking back his natural place at the bassguitar. Piesel, Thomas and me actually couldn’t think of any better solution. It feels so damned right. So Iron Savior returns with the original Condition Red line up!

A couple of days ago I finished the final mixdown and the mastering.. and Hell, Yeah… it is so fucking great! Of course every new album gotta be the best ever, haha, but this one really is… Sound and songs are just killer… I hate to praise ourselfs like this, but it is just like that. I must be very mistaken, if the majority of you will not judge the same…

Check out the HP, facebook/ironsavior.official and the MySpace Page for online players thundering the new tunes into orbit pretty soon, haha. A good source also is the AFM Homepage since AFM has become the new starbase of the Savior.

All the best to you!

Heavy Metal Never Dies,


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