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Stars for Charity: “Yes We Can 2”: Iron Savior supports youthgroup

Stars for Charity: “Yes We Can 2”

Iron Savior & Co. support the “RVL-Youth”


Today comes a little bit different and maybe surprising update; although Piet and the other bandmembers are very busy right now, Iron Savior took/will take the time to join the following project:
The Saviors and bands like SaxonGamma RayEdguy, Stormwarrior and many more as well support a great charity project for a German youthgroup (rowing-club). All income (100%) from the auctions of the collected fan-items will go to the youthgroup and will be spend on a new rowing boat (single) for the kids.It will give you the chance to get rare fan-items, like signed CDs, photos, autograph-cards or even special items like signed drum-skins, drum-sticks,… so watch out for the auctions, starting at the end of August 2009!!!

Links & Infos:
Homepage of youthgroup: http://jugend.rvlinden.de/
Infoflyer (*.pdf): CLICK HERE
eBay nickname: “rvl-jugend”
eBay sellers page of “rvl-jugend”: http://myworld.ebay.de/rvl-jugend/
Auction page: CLICK HERE

Iron Savior during the signing session:

Iron Savior auctions starting: October 15th, 2009

Thanks a lot for support to Iron Savior, to Dockyard1 (especially Christine!!!) and to you, the fans for your attention and hopefully for your support with the auctions! Harald (Coach) & The RVL-Youth 2009.

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