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Ultimate “Megatropolis Design” for the Iron Savior Webpage


Finally we are back… after a quite long time without any updates on the page and the page being offline we are finally back in a totally new layout!

The new Iron Savior Universe 2008:

Be sure to check the new forum as well and leave a message there, to get it going again! Feel free to talk to fans, the webmaster or even the bandmembers themselves if you can catch them in the forum as well! There have been quite a lot problems with SPAM-accounts and SPAM-postings in our forum so I had to change the forum code more than once, that’s why it took so long!
I had the new layout in mind since many months because I wanted to have the forum look more unique and similar to this new webpage. So here it is, the new Iron Savior forum! Of course we imported all accounts and postings from the old form! Thanks to Jens Schauer for supporting me with the forum-software and the database set-up!

The new Iron Savior Forum:

Note: please realize that some grafics/pictures might have been deleted after changing the forum-server last year. I am sorry for that, but there has been no other possibility! For sure I will help editing postings where pictures are missing! Just contact me if you have any problems!

Hopefully in the near future the planned Iron Savior Webshop will be online as well, where you will be able to buy missing Iron Savior CDs and some special items like T-Shirts.


PS.: At the end I want to apologise for letting you wait so long with this new page, but I had put the limit of how the new page shall look like quite high for me and had some problems realizing it the way I wanted it to have! Be sure that there will be more updates soon, fanzone which is new for you to participate in this page with pictures or reviews you wrote about Iron Savior gigs or events.

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