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News from Piet & Gig in Hannover:

Hi Everybody!

Long time without any update… Since we don’t want to be smashed by Graptor’s Hammer, it’s about time to keep you informed.

I have been quite busy with recordings. In September I started to record the new Paragon album, which by now is almost done. Again it turned out to be a straight forward HM album with some really cool songs. Again the band has improved their skills, which makes the latest output even better than the previous ones. So check out your record dealer in springtime next year!

In summer I have been doing the mix and the mastering for a band from South America. Their name is Hibria and I must say that I really like their stuff. Killer guitarwork and a very outstanding vocalist are one two of the things I really like about them. The album is on sale now, so check them out!

Between Paragon and rehersals for IS I have been recording drums with Black Majesty (from Australia). It has been a fun session. The guys are cool, the band is cool and the music is cool. So check them out as well. Also in between I turned 40. I am a truly old and ugly bastard by now… My elder daughter turned 10.

Butch (my dog) will turn 14 years in January!!! But still he is in perfect shape, feeling well an being truly alive. All of you keep your fingers crossed big time, that he will have many more years to come!

Also in January I will start to work on the 3rd Gun Barrel album. I will do this production together with Yenz.

Yesterday we played in Hannover together with Destruction. I really enjoyed this show! Unfortunately I had to leave right after the show to go back to Hamburg by train, because today it’s the birthday-party of my daughter.. and didn’t want to be a completely wasted… So sorry for those of you who where waiting for a little chat or some autographs, but I really had to go… next time!

Within the next 2 weeks Harald will bring the entire IS story so far written in one peace to the homepage. So stay tuned… Note from Harald: already done Piet! 😉

Alright folks, that’s it for today. All the best to you and HM is the law!

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