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Iron Savior have to cancel show at BG Festival & News from Piet:

Hi everybody!

Friday the 13th… oh yes! Today we had to cancel our show at the Blind Guardian Festival. Piesel is sick! For a couple of days he had an infection in his right ear wich already has been treated by a doctor. Yesterday night the left ear also started to show the same symptoms… With two almost def and hurting ears it was out of the question to play the show. I hope that all of you will forgive us and keep your fingers crossed for a fast recovery of Piesel.

The new PARAGON CD is ready by now and won’t disappoint those of you, who are into straight forward powermetal. I really like it! Also AIRBORN from Italy finished their work at powerhouse. The new album turned out to be a lot better than the first, wich was good but had some problems… I’d strongly recommend to check it out! Also I am looking forward to get married again next Friday. So lots of things for me to take care of and to organize… That’s it for now, take care and talk2U asap!

Heavy Metal is the Law,


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