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Kai Hansen leaves Iron Savior:

To cut it short: Kai Hansen will leave IRON SAVIOR on May 17th 2001. No no… we did not quarrel, did not threw things at each other and there was no bloodshed either. We still like each other very much. And as we don’t want our friendship to be destroyed we have decided to take this unpopular though necessary step. IRON SAVIOR’s debut album of 1997 was THE opportunity for Kai and Piet to do what they had wanted to do for a long time: to make music together. But this did not always meet with the different wishes and ideas. During the last years conflicts between GAMMA RAY and IRON SAVIOR concerning the time schedules occurred time and again. This became really hard for the rest of the band – they had to go on tour three times without the second guitarist and Kai too did not feel alright about this. All in all we came to the conclusion that Kai’s double role led to conflicts in both bands.

A personal comment by Kai and Piet explains it: “Sometimes it is difficult to separate friendship from business affairs as it is necessary. The constant GAMMA RAY / IRON SAVIOR conflict could damage our friendship. We are no longer willing to take that risk.”

Therefore IRON SAVIOR will dismiss Kai at the end of the Dark Assault Tour 2001 with all pomp and glory. Kai will be part of the whole tour ending on May 17th in Hamburg. Of course we will party like hell on that occasion. Illustrous guests a definitely longer set and one or the other gimmick plus a huge Aftershow and Kai Bye-bye Party at the Headbangers’ Ballroom will blow your mind.

Rumour has it that Piesel is only a substitute for a short time – but this is not the case as IRON SAVIOR will also play with three guitars in the future. It is not easy to find a worthy successor but we already have a lot of ideas. More of that on May 17th…

Last but not least we want to say thank you to all who have been true fans of IRON SAVIOR who have supported us so long and have thus contributed to our success. Heavy Metal is the law. See you on the tour! Jan, Thomas, Andreas, Piesel, Kai und Piet. Hamburg March 1st 2001

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