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A Little Welcome Message from Piet Sielck

Welcome to the official Iron Savior Homepage of Jason Breitweg, the Webmaster!

First of all I would like to say that Jason did a killer job in designing and maintaining this page. Those of you who clicked in earlier will most probably agree. The guestbook and discussion forum are super cool ideas. Second I have to say that I am really overwhelmed by how many people from all over the world checked out the page. While I am writing this the counter has reached 1544 visitors – within only 5 weeks! I also was very happy to find so many positive reactions to the album in the guestbook. This gave me a real boost of energy and creativity.

One word about the status of Iron Savior. Of course it started out as a project with my friends Kai and Thomen, but during the production the whole thing more and more gained the character of a band because the musical and personal chemistry between Kai, Thomen and me fits perfectly. And after our first live show in Wacken this feeling became even stronger. Now that we’ve found our new bass player Jan Eckert one can hardly call it a project anymore. The second album will be released in the autumn next year and we will be on road. So by definition Iron Savior is still a project since Kai and Thomen have their “first” bands Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian, but after all we do feel and act as a real band.

In the end I would like to put out a big thanks to all the people across the world who made our success possible. It is YOUR support that keeps the Iron Savior motor running, something I just can’t appreciate enough. When I started to write songs for the album and also during the whole production process I had no idea where it would lead me to. Today I find myself in the situation of having released successfully my own album in many countries across the world. this is something I just couldn’t have done without you and it makes me fell damned good!

So, have fun with all the rest of this homepage and make sure to leave an entry in the guestbook and/or the discussion forum. If you have any questions please fell free to mail them to Jason. He will send them to me and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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